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Florence van Doorn










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Klein Zwitserland MA1 (National Level)



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Duo Lingo

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My hockey background

I started playing hockey when I was five years old. My interest in hockey started when I saw my sister play hockey for the first time and from that moment on I knew that I would play hockey too. From the age of six I have always played in the first team, both on the field and indoors. At the age of thirteen I was part of the South Holland district, where I learned something new every training session. During that hockey season I also discovered that it was time to leave my local hockey club and look for a new club that plays at a higher level.

Ultimately I chose the ‘HCKZ’ club in The Hague. At the age of fourteen I became part of the regional training centre. When I was fifteen I joined the Dutch under fifteen team. Since I joined my new club we have worked very hard to play at the highest possible level and we have always succeeded.

Last year I also had the opportunity to make my debut in the ‘Hoofdklasse’ with Ladies 1 and to participate in several competitions. I also often participated in their training session.

Since I was little I have always played as a forward. When I was thirteen, my coach placed me in the midfield because, according to him, I had already learned everything as an attacker. I really enjoyed playing midfield, I especially enjoyed dividing the game by acting quickly.

But since two years ago I started to play as a defender more often, which I also started to like more and more. I especially enjoyed playing as a left back. 

As a defender, I ensure that there is a sort of calmness in the team, that the team is organised and that there is an overview on the field.

My best skills in hockey are being able to handle the ball in small spaces and keep an eye on the entire field and to give nice passes by seeing who is free in advance and which running lines are being run by my teammates.

When I was fifteen I got the chance to become a captain. I learned how I could help my teammates the best both on and off the field, how I could best address them and, above all, how to coach positively.

Why I want to play college field hockey

I would like to play hockey in America, because America is of course known for their great sporting spirit. Americans love competition and teamwork and that’s what I love about sports. That’s why I would love to be part of a team in the US.

I’d also like to improve my English, and what better way to do that than by living and playing in America? Being in an English-speaking environment allows me to practise and improve my English so that I can soon speak English fluently. Moreover, I enjoy meeting new people and making friends from different backgrounds and being able to learn from their cultures. 

In America sports are of course taken very seriously, but they also make playing sports a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the excitement of big matches and tournaments. So for me, hockey in America isn’t just about the game; I’m also very excited about the whole experience of learning, growing and having a great time both on and off the field.