Soccer Scholarships

Playing college soccer on a soccer scholarship in the USA could be an excellent step for (international) soccer players.

Combining soccer at a high level and getting a recognized degree sounds like a dream.

Read on to learn everything about soccer scholarships.

What Are soccer Scholarships?

On this page, you already learned everything about playing college soccer, but what about soccer scholarships?

A soccer scholarship is a financial contribution awarded to talented soccer players to help reduce the costs of studying at a university in the USA.

For many international students, the idea of studying in the US is appealing, but the reality of university costs can be daunting. The total cost of attendance (tuition, housing, meals, etc.) can be up to $85,000 per year. Yes, that’s not a joke.

Soccer scholarships in the USA therefore provide the opportunity for talented players to pursue their sport at a collegiate level while also receiving a quality education.

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college Soccer competitions

There are three different governing bodies in College Soccer.
Each division has its own characteristics and set of rules regarding soccer scholarships and its limits.

An overview:

Division I

DI features the best soccer programs in the country, and it is known for its outstanding athletic level and, in most cases, high academic standards.

The best American players on the women's and men's sides are found in this division. International soccer players usually have a professional academy background.

Division II

DII maintains a competitive edge but may offer fewer scholarship opportunities than DI combining high-level soccer with a balanced academic experience.

Many rosters in Division II are filled up with talented international soccer players, making the level, in most cases, very competitive with smaller DI programs.

Division III

DIII places a strong emphasis on the overall college experience. The Division III level does not allow schools to give out athletic scholarships. However, you can receive academic scholarships or financial aid.

Student-athletes participate primarily for the love of the game and their commitment to academics.

The NAIA serves as an additional governing body in collegiate soccer, with member institutions generally being smaller in scale compared to NCAA schools. In terms of both soccer and academics, NAIA closely aligns with the NCAA DII level.

Each NAIA school can give out a maximum of 12 athletic scholarships.

The NJCAA is the primary governing body for two-year college soccer in the United States.

These colleges offer academic programs and athletic opportunities for Soccer Players who may be preparing to transfer to a four-year institution (NCAA or NAIA) or looking to gain valuable playing experience.

Why is football called soccer in America?

When the sport was introduced to America, the name "soccer" was adopted to avoid confusion with American football, which is a completely different sport.

What is College Soccer?

College soccer in America means playing soccer for a university team while also studying to earn a degree.

Which costs are covered with a soccer scholarship?

While the idea of a full scholarship – where everything is covered – sounds appealing, they are rare due to the limited number of scholarships and the high number of talented players.

Most athletes receive partial scholarships, which cover a portion of the costs.

Below is an overview of the costs that a soccer scholarship can cover.


Covers the costs of classes & fees and is often calculated per credit hour or semester.


Provides accommodations, such as a dorm room or off-campus housing.


Offers a meal plan that includes a set number of meals per week, usable at campus cafeterias.


Helps cover the cost of textbooks and other required academic materials.


Provides health insurance to cover medical needs during your studies & sport.

Academic scholarships

In addition to soccer scholarships, you may also qualify for academic scholarships based on your GPA and SAT scores, or even receive need-based financial aid.

These academic scholarships can complement your athletic scholarship, potentially covering additional expenses and further reducing your financial burden.

Academic scholarships are contingent upon maintaining certain academic standards throughout your college tenure.

Do I qualify for a soccer scholarship?

Determining eligibility for a college soccer scholarship involves a comprehensive assessment of multiple critical factors.

Understanding your specific athletic and academic aspirations is crucial as we navigate the variety of competition levels and educational options

Before we start the recruiting process together, we conduct a thorough evaluation based on the key factors below to map out your potential and prepare you for what you can expect.

Soccer level

Your soccer level is arguably the most important factor to determine whether or not you qualify for a soccer scholarship. College coaches only recruit top international players to their programs.

We can help evaluate which Division is a good fit for you.

Academic background

To be able to study in the USA, you need to maintain a GPA of at least 2.0. It's also important that you graduate with your high school degree.

In addition, you may need to take certain tests like the SAT or English proficiency tests. These results also impact your chances.


Full scholarships are rare and are only reserved for the absolute top athletes.

Based on your soccer level and academic background we can give you a good idea of what scholarship offers you can expect.

This way you're prepared before getting started.

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How can I get a Soccer scholarship?

If you want to obtain a soccer scholarship it's essential to receive the right guidance and support.

With our years of expertise and extensive network, we lead you effectively through the college soccer recruiting process that consists of the following steps:

Step 1

Intake & 

Step 2

Recruiting Profile & 
Highlight Video

Step 3

to Coaches

Step 4

Scholarship Offers & Decision Making

Step 5

Support with Paperwork and Preparations


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Our goal is to guide our talents in these sports in a personal way throughout this process. You can expect a direct and personal approach from us, where we focus on what your ambitions are in this adventure.

With more than ten years of experience in soccer and hockey recruitment for America, we have built a network and expertise to ensure that our talents end up in the right place.

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The recruiting process

Navigating the journey to receiving a sports scholarship at an American University involves multiple steps that can seem overwhelming.

We're here 24/7 to guide you, ensuring you're noticed by coaches for the best scholarship opportunities, and handling all the necessary paperwork.

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