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The Different Seasons in College Soccer

Every year, talented soccer players from all around the world set their sights on the United States to continue their soccer and educational careers. However, many first-year students still don’t know what to expect at the start of every new academic year. In this blog, we will teach you everything about the different seasons in a College Soccer year and the characteristics of each season.

NCAA Training Regulations for Soccer and Field Hockey Athletes

If you want to know what your training schedule will look like as a student-athlete, you need to understand that the NCAA has crafted specific bylaws aimed at ensuring these student-athletes manage to excel in both their athletic and academic pursuits. What are these? Read on to find out!

What Student Visa Do You Need to Study in America?

Each year, thousands of international students choose to continue their academic and athletic careers in America. However, before this dream can become a reality, there is one crucial step every student must complete: obtaining the right student visa. In this blog, you will learn all about student visas in America.

What does a school year in the USA look like?

Every year, more than 5000 international athletes head to America to play college sports on a scholarship. But what exactly does a study year look like from the moment you board the plane until you're home for the summer vacation? In this blog we will tell you everything about it.

Is a Junior College the right step to play college soccer?

Junior colleges, also known as community colleges, play a crucial role in College Soccer in America. For international soccer players, it can be an excellent stepping stone to continue their soccer and academic careers across the ocean. In this blog, we explain everything about Junior Colleges and why it could be an interesting option for you.

What is the difference between (college) field hockey in America and (club) hockey in the Netherlands?

Many Dutch female hockey players choose to play hockey and study in America. But what is the difference between playing hockey in the Netherlands and in America? What can you expect in terms of level, competition structure, and facilities? In this blog, we will delve deeper into this topic.

How Does the American School System Work Compared to the Netherlands?

If you're considering studying and playing sports in America, it's essential to understand how the school system there works. This is particularly important when compared to what we're used to in the Netherlands. In this blog, I will take you through a comparison of both education systems.

Soccer in America vs. Europe: A Comparison

Football, or 'soccer' as the Americans call it, is a sport that ignites passions worldwide. But how does the game differ across the Atlantic? This article delves into the comparison between American and European soccer.

Why is Women's Soccer in America So Successful?

The women's soccer team of America has become world champion four times since the first Women's World Cup in 1991. How is it that women's soccer in America is so successful? Today, we delve deeper into the roots of women's soccer in the United States.

How Do You Get A Sports Scholarship In The USA?

Many talented athletes aspire to play sports and study in America. Because studying in America can be very expensive, many athletes (and their families) need a scholarship to cover the costs. But how do you get a scholarship in America?

How Is The Soccer System Structured In The USA?

Many (international) soccer players, who can’t make it to the pros in their home countries, would love a chance to try to make it abroad. Is the USA a good option in this case? Here you also have college soccer, besides the professional soccer leagues. But how is the soccer system structured in the USA?

Studying In America After Havo, Vwo, Mbo, or Hbo: How does it work?

For many athletes, it's a dream to study in America. But how does admission work after havo, vwo, mbo, or hbo? In this article, I'll delve deeper into how it works if you want to study in America after high school, university or if you want to transfer.

What Is A Scholarship? Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships in America

Playing sports and studying on a scholarship. Something you may have heard of before. But what is a scholarship exactly? And why are scholarships so important? In this article, I will delve into the meaning of a scholarship and what you can expect from it.

How Expensive is Studying in America? An Overview of the Costs

If you want to study in America, it's obviously useful to know how much it's going to cost. The short answer is: It depends. There's a big difference in costs between universities. In this article, I'll delve deeper and give you an overview of everything you need to consider.

How To Get Recruited For College Field Hockey?

So you have been playing field hockey in your entire youth career, whether it was at club or high school level, and now you want to play in college? This recruiting guide will help you move in the right direction to get recruited to play college field hockey.

Creating a Standout Highlight Video for College Recruitment

Creating a highlight video is an essential step in the college recruiting process. It's a chance to showcase your skills and athleticism to coaches and make yourself stand out from the competition. This guide will cover the key elements of creating a successful highlight video.

Harvard: The Oldest University in America

Today, I'm going to spotlight a special university in America. It's none other than the oldest university in America: Harvard University. Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, where former presidents like Barack Obama and Franklin D. Roosevelt have graduated.

What Are The Required Courses for NCAA Eligibility? An Overview

For student-athletes, especially internationals, the NCAA Eligibility requirement can be complex. With different education systems and additional requirements, it’s confusing as to what the NCAA means by ‘core courses’. In this article, I’ll take a deeper look.

When Can Colleges Start Recruiting In College Sports? A Timeline

If you want to play college sports after high school, you must know when colleges and coaches can start recruiting. Coaches have to follow strict rules and timelines when it comes to college recruiting. An important date is June 15th. In this article, you’ll learn why.

What Is A GPA? And How Can I Calculate Mine?

If you want to study in the USA you will hear the word GPA a lot. GPA means ‘Grade Point Average’. But what does it mean if I want to calculate my grades from my home country to a US GPA? In this blog post, we dive deeper into the GPA.

NCAA Graduate Student Eligibility: 3 Things You Need To Know

You've probably seen graduate students on an NCAA D1 or D2 team's roster, and you may wonder: Am I still eligible to play in the NCAA as a graduate student? The answer: It depends. Read on to learn the 3 most important things about NCAA Graduate Student Eligibility.

NAIA Eligibility and Recruiting Rules: An Overview

If you are getting recruited by an NAIA school or if you want to play in the NAIA, you need to understand the NAIA eligibility and recruiting rules. In this article, I break down the rules of academic eligibility, transfers, contact periods, and amateur status.

What Is The Difference Between the NCAA And NAIA? An Overview

The NCAA and NAIA both govern college athletics in the U.S., but they differ in size, scope, and regulations. The schools also differ in terms of academics and level of competition. In this article, I will compare the NCAA and NAIA in depth.

What does D1, D2, and D3 mean in College Sports?

D1, D2, and D3 refer to the three main divisions within college sports, primarily governed by the NCAA. These divisions distinguish the level of competition, athletic scholarships available, and the balance between academics and athletics. Read on to learn more about the different divisions.

Soccer Scholarships In The USA

Playing college soccer on a soccer scholarship in the USA could be an excellent step for (international) soccer players. Combining soccer at a high level and getting a recognized degree sounds like a dream. Read on to learn everything about soccer scholarships.

What Can You Expect From Our College Sports Recruiting Services?

You may ask: What can I expect when I work with you guys? Fair question! In this post, I will try to explain our mission and why we started helping other athletes to play college sports in the USA.

How Do I Find The Right College Fit As A Student-Athlete?

Are you a student-athlete struggling to find the perfect school that aligns with your academic and athletic aspirations? This blog post will explore how to identify schools that align with your academic and athletic aspirations.

NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA: A Comprehensive Guide for Student-Athletes

As a student-athlete, you need to understand the differences between the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. Learn here everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your future.

Exploring College Degrees for Student-Athletes

Student-athletes face unique challenges when it comes to balancing academics and sports. However, pursuing a college degree as a student-athlete not only offers many benefits but also opens up a world of possibilities for their future.

How To Respond To An Athletic Scholarship Offer

Getting an athletic scholarship offer is a big deal in your recruiting journey. It means all your effort is paying off and you're close to playing college sports. So, how do you respond to a scholarship offer, and what should you consider?

What is a PWO Offer? Compare Different Walk-On Offers

In the world of college sports, there are various paths an athlete can take to join a team. One of the terms that often comes up, especially in the recruitment process, is "PWO." But what does it mean exactly?

Field Hockey Scholarships In The USA

Are you an (international) field hockey player dreaming of playing in the USA? American Universities offer great chances to study and play at the same time with field hockey scholarships. We help you understand how to get one.

Playing College Soccer In The USA: What To Expect

Are you playing soccer at a high level but also want to get a university degree? You don't have to sacrifice one for the other. In the USA you can combine both by playing College Soccer while also earning a Degree.

College Field Hockey In The USA: What To Expect

You have been playing field hockey with a great passion at a high level in your country for years. You dream of continuing to play at a high level even after finishing high school. What about college field hockey in the USA?

Navigating the NAIA Eligibility Requirements

The NAIA provides student-athletes a platform for competitive sports while emphasizing academics. This guide delves into the intricate NAIA eligibility requirements, from academic standards to transfer rules and more.

Pathway from NJCAA Men's Soccer to NCAA D1 or D2

Discover the NJCAA Men's Soccer program, offering a viable path to NCAA D1/D2. Learn about its advantages, pathways, and resources to help aspiring soccer players achieve their collegiate goals

College Recruiting 101 for Parents

Navigating through the college sports recruitment process as a parent can be tough. In this guide, we go over NCAA rules, prepare for visits, and explore ways to support your child's athletic dreams at the collegiate level

What Are Academic Scholarships And How Do I Secure Them?

Many student-athletes focus solely on athletic scholarships, but academic scholarships can also play a significant role in funding your college education.

NJCAA Eligibility Rules: Everything You Need to Know About

For many athletes, the NJCAA is a great pathway to success both athletically and academically. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about the NJCAA eligibility rules, transfer rules, and amateur status.

How To Email A College Coach: Advice From Experts

Knowing how to email college coaches can make all the difference in getting their attention and standing out from the crowd. In this article, we will explore the dos and don'ts of emailing a college coach.

Key Dates and Rules in the NCAA Recruiting Calendar

The NCAA recruiting calendar is a crucial tool for college coaches and prospective student-athletes alike. It establishes specific periods throughout the year when coaches can contact and evaluate potential recruits.

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