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How Do You Get A Sports Scholarship In The USA?

Many talented athletes aspire to play sports and study in America. Because studying in America can be very expensive, many athletes (and their families) need a scholarship to cover the costs. But how do you get a scholarship in America?

Written by

Lars Blenckers

In this article, I will delve deeper into how you can obtain a scholarship, but you will also learn more about:

  • Why scholarships are important
  • What types of scholarships exist
  • Which sports have scholarships available
  • The recruitment process to obtain a scholarship

What are scholarships and why are they important?

A scholarship is financial aid provided by the coach and school to (partially) cover the costs and accommodation of attending university.

As you may have already read in my previous post about the costs of studying in America, it is very expensive to engage in sports and study in America without a scholarship. For many families, a scholarship is necessary to make this financially feasible.

What types of scholarships are available?

In America, there are various types of scholarships that you may qualify for. Our players generally qualify for two main types of scholarships:

  • Sports scholarships
  • Academic scholarships

As we at Plus31 Sports primarily assist talented athletes, our students initially seek a sports scholarship. Additionally, they may also qualify for an academic scholarship.

Sport Scholarships

These scholarships are distributed by the sports teams (coaches) to the most talented players. Coaches use them to attract players and enhance the level of their university team.

Read more about hockey and soccer scholarships.

Academic Scholarships

These scholarships are issued by the university itself. Often, these scholarships are awarded based on your grades, test scores, or other academic achievements of the student. Learn more about academic scholarships here.

Student-Athletes on a scholarship at Temple University
Student-Athletes on a scholarship at Temple University

Why do universities award scholarships?

For American universities, prestige is everything. They aim to attract ambitious, motivated, and high-achieving students to their institution.

After all, who wouldn't want to say that the President of the United States studied at their university or that the best soccer player in the MLS played for their soccer team?

Therefore, universities award scholarships as a means to recruit the best students for the institution and to establish their sports teams as reputable. The idea is that it's easier to attract more students when the university has a high level of prestige, whether it's the best business school globally or the top American football team. Every aspect plays a role in this strategy.

Which sports offer scholarships?

At Plus31 Sports, we focus on the most popular sports in the Netherlands (Plus31 being our country code). These sports are soccer and field hockey, and we excel in them despite being a small country.

In our blogs about hockey and soccer scholarships, you can learn more about the possibilities and how to qualify for them.

However, America is truly a sports-oriented nation, and as a result, scholarships are offered for almost all sports. This includes swimming, tennis, athletics, rugby, basketball, ice hockey, golf, baseball, volleyball, and, of course, American football.

You can find an overview of all possible scholarships here.

Jessie Eiselin at Monmouth University on a Field Hockey Scholarship
Jessie Eiselin at Monmouth University Field Hockey

How can you obtain a scholarship in America?

To secure a scholarship in America, you undoubtedly need talent.

To determine if you possess this talent, it's best to get in touch with us for a free evaluation.

If we believe that you qualify for a scholarship in America, we will initiate the recruitment process to actually obtain it.

The Recruitment Process

To obtain a scholarship in America, we embark on a recruitment process together. You can read more about how such a process looks like here.

When you engage us to secure a scholarship, we work personally with you to identify the right universities. This ideal match is different for everyone. We engage in discussions with you and your family about important factors and realistic expectations. This ensures that you are certain to end up at the right school for you.

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We will then start a conversation with you to determine if you qualify and discuss how the recruitment process will look for you.

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