The College sports
Recruiting Process

If you want to obtain a sports scholarship in the U.S. to play college sports, it's essential to receive the right guidance and support.

With our years of expertise and extensive network, we lead you effectively through the college sports recruiting process that consists of the five following steps:

What are the steps in the recruiting process?

Step 1

Intake & 

Step 2

Recruiting Profile & 
Highlight Video

Step 3

to Coaches

Step 4

Scholarship Offers & Decision Making

Step 5

Paperwork and Preparations

Step 1: Intake & Evaluation

Firstly, it's important that you understand everything about playing college sports in the USA. During an intake we will explain to you how everything works and you can ask all the initial questions you have on your mind.

During this step, we also start a thorough evaluation. We look at your sports level and game videos, your grades and what you are looking for as an athlete and a student.

Recruitment plan
Based on our conversations and our evaluation we will create a recruitment plan for you so you understand what your opportunities are, what your recruiting timeline looks like and you will get an overview of the costs.

The above is free and meant to make sure you and your family can make an informed decision before starting the recruiting process.

Step 2: recruiting Profile & highlight Video

When we are all on the same page you're ready to officially start the recruiting process.

Recruitment profile
We kick off by building a recruiting profile for you on our website. See this as your athletic and academic resume. Your recruiting profile is the go-to page for coaches to learn more about you.
View here an example of a recruiting profile on our website.

Highlight video
Your highlight video is your biggest piece of marketing material throughout this process. We put a lot of effort into making the perfect video for you as a good highlight reel is the main trigger for coaches to reach out to you. Check out an example of a highlight video.

Ready start your college recruiting process?

Start now with a free evaluation of your opportunities.

Step 3: Introduction to Coaches

After setting up your recruiting profile & highlight video, it's time to start reaching out to coaches.

Target Universities
We don't want to randomly connect you with schools that aren't a good fit, so we start by creating a list of target universities that we want to reach out to. With our expertise and extensive network we make sure you get connected to the right coaches.

Interview preparations
When a coach is interested, they want to set up a meeting with you to get to know you better. We are here for you to get you prepared for your first conversations.

Follow ups
It's important that we help you manage the communication with the coaches and work with a timeline that works for you and the coach to make decisions. We are the middleman that follows up with the coach and with you to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Step 4: Scholarship offers & Decision making

The more you proceed to speak with the coaches, the more likely it will be that you will receive a scholarship offer. We are here to help you making the right decisions and help you receive the best scholarship offers possible.

University Visits
If you start this process early, you may get invited to visit the interested university for an official visit. This is the ultimate way to make the best decisions. However, most scholarship offers are accepted without a university visit.

Decision Making
Our goal is to establish a personal relationship with you and your family so we can help you making a decision based on what you're looking for. With our years of experience we know which school is a good fit for you and which isn't.

NLI & Scholarship Offer
After you make your decision it's time to officially commit. You will sign your NLI (National Letter of Intent) and your scholarship offer. We will help you go through these formalities.

Step 5: Support with Paper work

There is an overlap with all the paper work and the previous steps. The paper work part is boring, but crucial in the recruiting process.
With us on your side, you don't have to research each and every step. We take the lead and tell you exactly what to do.

Test Registration

We usually start with this at the beginning of the process. Together we determine which tests you need to take like the SAT or an English proficiency test.

Eligibility Center

Becoming eligible to compete at the college level is crucial to get recruited. We evaluate your eligibility beforehand and support you with the registration.

University application

Typically, we only apply to the university you have committed to. This means sending in transcripts, essays, and finalizing the university application.

Visa application

After acceptance, you will receive the I20 document. With this document we can start the visa application. We will apply for the F1 student visa.

Final Preparations & Support in College

Scholarship signed, accepted into the university, and your F1 student visa is approved. You're now ready to leave for America to start your college journey.

Final Preparations
You're starting a new chapter, and we know what awaits you. We will help you to prepare all the little things before your departure. Think about insurances, cell phone plans, bank accounts an more.

Support in College
In college, you're far away from your family and friends. But we're here close by to support you when you're in the USA. We follow your achievements but we're also here when things aren't going as planned. We want to make sure you're having the time of your life.

Sometimes an athlete is looking for a new challenge or just a different environment. We can then help with the process of transferring to a new university.

How can I get started with the process?

Start your recruiting process by scheduling a free intake.

How can I start the Recruiting Process?

Before you begin the recruitment process to play sports and study in America on a scholarship, we go through a so-called 'preliminary phase'. Learn here what that means.

When should I start the recruiting process?

Starting the recruiting process early maximizes your opportunities and allows you to navigate the complexities involved with greater ease.


+31 sports

The name +31 Sports represents our Dutch roots (+31) and the sports in which our country excels globally.

Our goal is to guide our talents in these sports in a personal way throughout this process. You can expect a direct and personal approach from us, where we focus on what your ambitions are in this adventure.

With more than ten years of experience in soccer and hockey recruitment for America, we have built a network and expertise to ensure that our talents end up in the right place.

A picture of Lars & Christoph the founders of Plus31 Sports

The recruiting process

Navigating the journey to receiving a sports scholarship at an American University involves multiple steps that can seem overwhelming.

We're here 24/7 to guide you, ensuring you're noticed by coaches for the best scholarship opportunities, and handling all the necessary paperwork.

Discover more about navigating the recruiting process with us.

Our services

We understand everyone's journey to playing college sports in America is unique, which is why our approach is personalized.

Before starting the recruiting process, we offer a free evaluation of your opportunities to play college sports in America.

We offer different services to help our athletes. Explore our services to see how we can support your aspirations.

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