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Isha Hughan





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VV Lunteren



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Duo Lingo

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Personal Statement:

As an attacker for Vv Lunteren, I often create opportunities through my smart runs and speed. In addition, I am physically strong, I have fantastic running ability and perseverance, which means I provide a lot of energy throughout the competition. My highlight of my career so far is definitely playing games in the Concacaf for Real Rincon.

My soccer journey is marked by technical excellence, tactical insight, and a strong work ethic. Besides being on the field I developed myself on the coaching side and have my coaching degree (UEFA C). I've trained diverse teams, deepening my grasp of game strategies. Teamwork is fundamental, I communicate effectively, contributing significantly to team success. Dedication defines my work ethic, evident in consistent training and peak performance. Versatility is a key strength, adapting seamlessly to different positions. Maintaining top-notch physical conditioning underscores my commitment. Above all, my genuine passion for the sport fuels my unwavering commitment and enthusiasm, both on and off the field.

I want to find a school that allows me to balance my soccer commitments with academics and personal life effectively. In addition, it would be important for me to be involved in a team so that I can function well in it. The guidance of the university team could play a crucial role in this. In addition, I also find it important in the guidance that I am not completely criticized or humiliated. This quickly causes me to become uncomfortable playing football and can also cause me to experience less fun. I would like to be in a location that also offers me opportunities to do something in my spare time. The location and climate would be crucial here. Finally, I also think it would be nice to be at an academy that can positively guide me in completing my studie and is committed to helping me.


My journey in soccer has seen some notable milestones, including my debut in Concacaf! Playing with Vv Lunteren in 2022, I participated in 21 games, scoring 7 goals, and providing 12 assists. The following year, I played 14 games, scoring 6 goals, and contributing 10 assists.

Real Rincon in Bonaire was another chapter, with 8 games in 2022 where I scored 2 goals and assisted 5 times. Importantly, my three Concacaf appearances with Real Rincon earned me a spot on the international transfer list. At the end of 2023, Fc LWL in Curaçao became my new team, featuring in 9 games, scoring 5 goals, and offering 3 assists. My football journey, characterised by these statistical achievements, reflects my consistent performance across various international teams and leagues.