Types of degrees

There are three types of degrees: Associate's Degree (2 years), Bachelor's Degree (4 year), or a Master's Degree (2 years).

An Associate's Degree is taken at a Junior or Community College. The most common degree is the Bachelor's Degree which is taken at a University. Pursuing a Master's Degree is possible after completing a Bachelor's Degree.


American universities offer various study programs across many fields, including business, engineering, sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences, and more.

A study program is called a major; you can pick from 400+ majors. Some students even combine a double major with a minor (specialization).

A School year
in the usa

In the US, you attend two semesters per year.

The Fall semester begins in August and ends in December. The Spring semester runs from January to May.

You have a 4-week break during Christmas and New Year's, and in the summer, you have approximately three months off.

Exploring America

Studying in the USA is an excellent opportunity for international students to explore America and its diverse culture.

It allows students to travel and explore the country on their own during school breaks or weekends.

From national parks to vibrant cities, the USA offers international students a wide range of experiences to discover and enjoy.

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