Iris' Early Hockey Career

Iris Langejans already had quite the journey before she even came to the USA to play at Rutgers University. Born in Almelo, she started playing at MHC Almelo before she moved to a 'bigger' club Deventer to play at the highest youth level. However, she waited until she was 17 before moving to top club SCHC.

At SCHC she had the opportunity to play with the best players in the nation and even made the move to the first senior team. Playing with many internationals has helped her develop in a way she's now still benefiting from.

Her College Field Hockey Journey

Even though she already started school, she decided to leave the Netherlands behind and make a move to the USA to play college field hockey. Iris's highlight video was very well-received by the coaches here and she received multiple options. Her eye fell on Rutgers University in the Big10 Conference.At Rutgers University she made a big impact right away. She quickly established herself as a key player for the team with her tenacity, skill, and leadership.

In her first season, Iris and her team made history by winning the Big10 Championship. She played in all of the games making a big impact.In her second season, she continued to impress, leading the team in total points for goals and assists. She earned numerous awards such as First Team All Big10, and 3rd Team All-American.

She's currently in her 3rd and last season at Rutgers and started the year with a winning 8-0 record. The best start of the season the field hockey team had ever seen.

Earlier this year I asked Iris why she decided to play in the USA. Watch her answers below: