Jessie moved from SV Kampong in the Netherlands to play field hockey and study at Monmouth University.

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Year: Fall 2023

School: Monmouth University

Level: NCAA D1

Position: Goalkeeper

Former Clubs: SV Kampong, Pinoke, Hurley

Achievements: Debut SV Kampong Ladies, Runner Up Nationals 2022

Personal Message from Jessie:

We asked Jessie about her experience, the differences with the Netherlands, and if she has any tips for you!

"My experience so far has been amazing. I've never encountered anything like this; the entire sports mentality here is so different from back home. It's the first time I can truly consider myself a top athlete because that's how you're treated here. My advice for anyone contemplating taking this big step is that you get a chance like this only once in your life, and it's an incredible experience, so seize that opportunity with both hands."

Player Video Jessie 2022: