Thijmen moved from USV Hercules in the Netherlands to play soccer and study at College of the Desert.

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Year: Fall 2023

School: College of the Desert

Level: CCCAA

Position: Center Back

Former Clubs: USV Hercules, SV Houten

Achievements: Debut St Maarten National Team

Personal Message from Thijmen:

We asked Thijmen about his experience, the differences with the Netherlands, and if he has any tips for you!

"I'm really enjoying my time here in 'the Valley.' The team plays well, and I have a great time with them both on and off the field. Almost everyone has a car, and there's a lot to do here, fortunately, everything is within driving distance! Balancing sports and school is also manageable, making it ideal.

The biggest difference for me is my lifestyle. In the Netherlands, it was school from 9 to 3, training three evenings a week, and a match on Saturdays. Now, I train every morning, have matches on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and attend classes after training. My advice: Whatever holds you back, if you have the chance, take the leap and fully enjoy it. 110%.

As for my personal adventure, it's been a blast almost every day. Seriously, I do something fun with my teammates nearly every day after training. We've been bowling, to the casino, and swimming. But my most memorable experience so far was last month when I, along with four teammates, attended a Lil Baby show in Los Angeles at the stadium, the home of the LA Lakers. It was an incredible experience. LA is a beautiful city."

Thijmen's recruitment video