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More than 30,000 international athletes are currently playing college sports in the USA on a sports scholarship.

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Nowhere else in the world can you play your sport at the highest level while pursuing an academic degree.

Specializing in soccer and field hockey, we have built an extensive network in these sports over the last decade. We stand out by focusing on what we do best.

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the benefits of
playing college sports

Playing college sports in America as a student-athlete offers numerous benefits.

You can compete at a high level while earning a university degree, with financial support through scholarships.

The international experience enriches personal development and future career prospects.

Education in America emphasizes growth in various areas, including time management and teamwork, supported by world-class facilities.

The vibrant college life provides a dynamic and energetic environment, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Scholarships play a crucial role in making college sports a reality for many athletes, offsetting the high costs of university education in the U.S.

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How can I get a scholarship?

With our years of expertise and extensive network, we lead you effectively through the recruiting process that consists of the five following steps:

Step 1

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Intake & 

Step 2

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Recruiting Profile & 
Highlight Video

Step 3

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to Coaches

Step 4

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Scholarship Offers & Decision Making

Step 5

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Paperwork and Preparations

Our Athletes' success stories

Field Hockey

Rutgers University


Field Hockey

University of Michigan


Men's Soccer

University of Tulsa


Men's Soccer

University of Tulsa



+31 sports

The name +31 Sports represents our Dutch roots (+31) and the sports in which our country excels globally.

Our goal is to guide our talents in these sports in a personal way throughout this process. You can expect a direct and personal approach from us, where we focus on what your ambitions are in this adventure.

With more than ten years of experience in soccer and hockey recruitment for America, we have built a network and expertise to ensure that our talents end up in the right place.

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The recruiting process

Navigating the journey to receiving a sports scholarship at an American University involves multiple steps that can seem overwhelming.

We're here 24/7 to guide you, ensuring you're noticed by coaches for the best scholarship opportunities, and handling all the necessary paperwork.

Discover more about navigating the recruiting process with us.

Our services

We understand everyone's journey to playing college sports in America is unique, which is why our approach is personalized.

Before starting the recruiting process, we offer a free evaluation of your opportunities to play college sports in America.

We offer different services to help our athletes. Explore our services to see how we can support your aspirations.

“From the very start Lars made the process very easy to understand and work with. He immediately linked us with different coaches. Lots of information and support throughout the journey.”
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Tracy Donald

Parent of Lauren Storey | Wake Forest University

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