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OHC Bully U18



2nd position



5' 5"





Duo Lingo

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My hockey background

I have been playing field hockey since I was 4 years old. I started at field hockey club PW in Enschede. At PW, I have always played in the first team from the U10 up to U16. PW is a smaller club and we played in the 1e klasse or subtop klasse. In my last year at PW I also played games with Ladies 1st in the 2e klasse.

In my second year of U16 I made the switch to OHC Bully, because I was looking for more challenge and wanted to play field hockey at a higher level with people with the same ambition. 

At OHC Bully we started in the ‘subtop klasse’ where we finished first and promoted to Super B (National level). We also won the league in the Suber B to qualify for the national championship. Unfortunately we lost on shootouts in the semi-finals.

Now, I’m playing in the U18-1 of OHC Bully where we play in the subtop klasse. I also train with the Ladies 1st team and play some games with them in the Overgangsklasse (3rd senior level).

Besides playing for my club I was also selected for the district/regional team of North Netherlands U14. We practiced with this team in Zwolle every Monday. The year after I was selected for the North-East Regional team of Netherlands U15. The following year, I was selected to trial for the Netherlands U16 squad, but unfortunately I didn’t make the team.

Since the U14’s I have been playing as an attacking midfielder or striker. My strengths are that I score a lot, have a good backhand shot and use my speed to connect forward. I am also good at keeping an overview and coaching my fellow players.

Why I want to play college hockey

I have been dreaming of playing field hockey and studying in America for 3 years now. It seems cool to be able to continue my greatest passion at a high level while studying and continuing to develop myself in both areas at the same time. I think it would be super fun to make new friends and get to know the country and language well. 

I would like to play field hockey together with my team at the highest level possible and do everything we can to reach our goals. During college, I hope to learn a lot and have plenty of challenges. I count on gaining experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life.