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What is College Field Hockey in America?

College field hockey in America means you can play for an American university (college) while also pursuing a degree. It's a unique opportunity to continue playing at a high level after high school and simultaneously earn a diploma in the U.S.

Hockey Scholarships

Since studying in America can be quite expensive, many players seek scholarships to keep university costs low. A field hockey scholarship can cover a large part of the total expenses, such as tuition, housing, food and drink, and insurance.

The Level

In America, there are 3 levels of college field hockey: NCAA D1, D2, and D3. In total, there are about 300 schools with a hockey team. College field hockey is mostly played on the east coast in the USA. If you want to play hockey and study in America, we can look together to see what best suits you.

The Experience

Many international players choose to play hockey and study in America after high school because the combination of sports and study is unique here. Every day, you're engaged in hockey. You will also travel a lot to play away games, where you're treated like a real pro.

Additionally, you'll live on a real American campus like you see in the movies. You live, eat, sleep, train, and study in one place: The campus.

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