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Where is college field hockey played?

College field hockey in the United States is primarily played in states along the East Coast, but it's also prevalent in other regions. Here are some of the key states where the sport is prominently featured:

Northeastern States

  1. Connecticut: Home to universities like the University of Connecticut with a strong hockey program.
  2. Massachusetts: The base for several schools with competitive hockey teams, including Harvard and Boston University.
  3. Pennsylvania: A state with robust programs, such as those of the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State.

Mid-Atlantic States

  1. Maryland: Known for strong programs, like the University of Maryland.
  2. New Jersey: Featuring prominent teams like Princeton University.

Southern States

  1. North Carolina: The University of North Carolina is a leading force in women's hockey.
  2. Virginia: Home to strong teams at universities like the University of Virginia.


  1. Michigan: With programs like the University of Michigan.
  2. Ohio: Ohio State University has a competitive hockey team.

West Coast

  1. California: Universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley have active hockey programs.

This geographical spread demonstrates the growing popularity of field hockey in the U.S., although the sport is still most concentrated in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states.

The accessibility and popularity of college field hockey can vary by region, influenced by factors such as climate, cultural influences, and the availability of facilities and coaching.

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