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Why are international players coming to the US to play college field hockey?

The attraction of America for international female hockey players, who choose to play hockey and study there, is due to a combination of unique opportunities offered by the American college system.

Combination of Sport and Education

One of the biggest advantages of the American college system is the opportunity to combine top-level sports with a high-quality academic education. This offers athletes the chance to develop both athletically and intellectually, which is an attractive option for young players who want to continue their hockey career without neglecting their education.

Sports Scholarships

Many universities in the US offer field hockey scholarships, which alleviate the financial burden of education and provide access to excellent facilities and coaching. These scholarships are very attractive to international players, giving them the chance to study and play in a new and challenging environment.

High Quality of Training and Competition

The quality of training and competition in American college hockey is a major draw. With access to top coaches, advanced training facilities, and a competitive league, players can significantly develop their skills.

Cultural and Personal Development

Studying and playing in another country also offers valuable cultural and personal experiences. International female hockey players have the opportunity to meet new people, experience different cultures, and build an independent life, contributing to their personal growth.

Professional and Career Opportunities

In addition to the athletic and academic benefits, playing in the US also offers opportunities for professional development and future career prospects. The experience and skills gained by players during their time in America can be valuable in their future careers, both within and outside of sports.

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